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P.C. Sales & Services

PC Tune Up and Secure

Remove unwanted/troublesome toolbars, start-up items and programs, ensure virus protection is functioning, spyware/adware scan, virus scan, HD clean-up and install critical updates, clean inside and outside of case/laptop and upgrade recommendations. This service will help to keep your computer running quickly, and more secure.


Operating System Re-install

Reinstall operating system, install all device drivers, activate the operating system, install anti-virus software (user purchased or free editions), install all critical and recommended updates, save pictures/document/music if possible. This service is for replacement of a corrupt operating system or a failed hard disk drive. License key must be readable and authentic.

Power Supply Replacement – Desktop

Remove old power supply and install a new equivalent power supply, clean inside and outside of case.


Laptop Screen Replacement

Remove old screen and replace with a new screen. Price of screen will be in addition to the labour charge.


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